Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My First BIG Christian Concert! (Loved It!)

The sun was shining too great for us to avoid frowning and closing our watery eyes while waiting for the doors to open (lol).

About a month ago I was in my car with my babies, listening to K-LOVE (:singing: "Positive, encouraging! Kaaay-Looove!"). LOL. Okay, so they were advertising a concert that was coming up in a couple weeks here in Kansas City (MO) at the Sprint Center featuring WeAsHuman (don't know them, but sounds interesting), Brandon Heath (oh my goodness! Love him!), Mandisa (I want to go! Love her!), Peter Furler (really?!), Third Day (SERIOUSLY?! Yess!), and Skillet as the headliner (okay, don't know who that is either, but he/she/they must be big). The dj said that we needed to text something to KLOVE and we could win some tickets to the concert. Long story short, I text, I won!! Woohoo! I was so excited!

I ended up going with the wonderful women you see in the photo above (Jill, Tiph, & Shirley) and we had a blast! It was such a fun experience! We were dancing and there was praise and worship. Perfect concert.

In order of performance:

WeAsHuman did pretty good. I had never heard of them. They're a hardcore heavy metal Christian band. Not quite my type of music.

2. and 3.

"Brandisa" (Brandon Heath and Mandisa) blew me away. Their performances were so good. They both sounded great. Mandisa looked wonderful and that lady can dance!

Peter Furler Band did great! I knew all the songs he performed. His drummer (guy on the left)... He was so on point. I actually did a Google search on him. I wanted to see if he has any YouTube videos. He does :-)

Third Day... Oh my goodness. I felt like I was at a country concert. Well, I've never been to one, but I see them on Nashville (the show). Third Day was so much fun. I only knew two of their songs, but I was still dancing and singing. They basically helped us sing along, singing the chorus and having us repeat as well as having a graphical lyric video on a huge screen. They had us dancing and praising. We all purchased their CD afterwards and I can listen to it all the way through. Every single song is greatness.

Probably about half of the concert attendees had on black Skillet tees. I ended up really enjoying Skillet, although they were extra loud! Their video graphics in concert were so on point, so tight. We left a little early because they were so loud, but when I got home I looked them up on YouTube (they have MILLIONS of views!) and Wikipedia.

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  1. Wow! That truly seems like it was a varied and amazing concert.

    That's one of the great things about going to a concert with multiple acts. You can be introduced to great music you didn't even realize was out there.